Dave and Joe – late night TV debuts!

Dave and Joe both had their late night TV debuts on the Late Late show in the past month, here are the clips:

Joe Z on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson – November 20th: talks about Chronic Fatigue, The Universe, and Andrew Jackson

Dave on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson – talks about diet, buffets, health insurance, living in a van, the south

Beards Bid A Fond “Farewell”

Beards_Truman1After more than four years as a touring comedy collective, the Beards of Comedy – Andy Sandford (Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Rooftop Comedy’s Silver Nail), Dave Stone (Adult Swim’s Squidbillies, LA Weekly’s 12 Comics to Watch), TJ Young (UCBLA’s Comedy Death-Ray, “Stand Out Stand-Up” Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival) and Joe Zimmerman (Timeout NY, Laughing Skull Festival Finalist) – have decided to draw the curtains on their impressive group run in favor of pursuing new collaborations and individual projects. The Beards of Comedy part ways on good terms and with fond memories and gratitude for all they’ve managed to accomplish together.

Since forming in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008, The Beards of Comedy have performed hundreds of shows all across the country, bringing their mix of stand-up, sketch, music, and improv to countless comedy clubs, music venues, and theaters. Between performances at large colleges and headlining some of the country’s best clubs and comedy rooms, The Beards also released two albums (2009’s “Comedy for People” for Rooftop Comedy Productions and 2011’s “Cardio Mix” on Comedy Central Records), created and released several viral sketches on YouTube and FunnyorDie.com and their most recent web series “Beards Across America” (on MSN.com) has received over 1,000,000 views and counting.

The Beards of Comedy would like to thank all of the friends and fans who provided support and encouragement throughout this incredible journey.

Beards farewell tour dates, May 2013…

May 7th – Charlotte, NC
May 8th – Athens, GA
May 9-12 – Atlanta, GA

Our second album “Cardio Mix” with Comedy Central Records

Here at the offices of Beards & Sons Inc. we are quite pleased to announce the release of our second album, “Cardio Mix” with Comedy Central Records.  Comedy Central is a great company, which has of course been dying to work with us for years, and finally we have relented, to their great relief.   It was recorded at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta this past July (2011), with 100% different material from our first CD “Comedy for People.”  We believe it is the perfect comedy album to work out to, and unlike “Comedy for People” we believe dogs and buffaloes and other mammals can also get some laughs.  We would like to point out, that the Laughing Skull lounge is the world’s smallest comedy club, with a fire code of 74.  This means, if you only hear 74 people laughing, that means 100% of the crowd is laughing.   We chose to perform at such an intimate venue, because we believe it is the closest we can get to performing for one person – you.  That’s right, we recorded this album specifically for you.  So it would be quite a shame if you didn’t listen.

The critical reviews have been very positive so far.  Nerdist.com gave us a great review here (thanks Nerds) and we have another good review from “Under the Gun” here and then Ed Placencia gave us a killer review on his Comedy Review blog here.

Oh, and this is exciting – Cardio Mix was the most popular of all comedy albums on Rdio.com last week, and #4 of ALL overall albums (including music), coming in just ahead of Belle & Sebastian, and right behind Bell & Sebastian’s other slightly more popular album.  Suffice it to say, when it comes to Rdio.com, we are both more popular and less popular, than Belle & Sebastian.

Comedy Central has written up a release to the press, which you can read with your eyeballs here.

Still not excited?  Well Crave named it one of the TOP THREE comedy albums of November. WOH!

I think the point is clear – if you are a fan of the Beards of Comedy (us) then this is a must have album.  If you are not a fan of the Beards of Comedy, than this is still a MAYBE have!  And just remember, for each purchase of Cardio Mix on Itunes or Amazon, a baby seal in Africa is given a month’s worth of smiles.  That’s a literal true fact.

You can get it on Itunes here or Amazon here .  Just click on the purple “here’s” and you’ll go right to the right place.

Due to living in the future, physical copies are only available at live shows, so if you’d like to give physical copies for Xmas, you can always get it on Itunes and burn it to a physical CD.  Or, you can come to a live show!  We just finished our first CD release tour hitting Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Charleston.  It was great, thanks for asking, and thanks to all of the wonderful folks who came out and brought us pumpkin pie (you know who you are Kelly).  We’ve always wanted to receive pies from fans, so it was a dream come true.  A CD release tour for the northeast is set for the last week in January, and midwest and west coast tours are currently in the works as well.  If you would like the Beards in your home town, just organize yourself, and 5,000 of your friends, and march down your town’s main street, demanding your mayor’s head on a pike, unless he brings the Beards to your town.  That’s how grass root movements work, yes?

Finally, if you are a hard core Beards of Comedy fan, and you are asking, “Hey, I love you guys so much, how can I share this with my friends?”  Well, we’ve made it easy with a public Facebook event here, that is available for sharing through December 30th.  Just click “attend” and you can click on the “invite friends” button, and invite as many friends as you want.  Remember, everyone who shares this with a friend, receives two smiling baby African seals in the mail.

p.s. TJ did the artwork for the cover, which we here at Beards & Sons all agree is beautiful.  We’re very proud of TJ, who continues to draw artwork, against all odds, and despite many setbacks and failures:

CD Cover

In closing, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this CD possible, who we have already thanked more specifically in the liner notes.  Also, if you’ve already forgotten where you can get “Cardio Mix”, it is at Itunes here and Amazon here.